Another Independent Store Stocking Gabriella!

A wonderful new store called Elements in Dorking, Surrey is now selling Gabriella. The owner of the shop, Sharon Zak, is committed to selling the work of artists and writers who are telling stories of transformation and healing. She is a writer herself, and as with all those drawn to the light, she has known darkness in her life. She is an incredibly special woman, the kind that reminds us all to shine more brightly. I am truly grateful to have met her.

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Much has been happening with Gabriella, as well as with me, since I last blogged.
Let’s start with Gabriella news first. She has been nominated by my publishers for not one, but two, first novel awards. The first is the prestigious Costa Book Awards, formerly known as the Whitbread Literary Awards, and the second is part of the Guildford Book Festival. I will keep you posted on those.

I have also been the guest of honour at a number of book clubs who have chosen Gabriella to read. What a privilege it has been to hear the responses of circles of women to the story. There are two more of these events up-coming this autumn. Thank you all of for your insights and your support.

Along with this, I have begun work on my second novel. It is a very different story to Gabriella; but in a strange sort of way they are also quite a lot alike. It is a story of healing and redemption, of moving from fragmentation to wholeness. I will tell you more about it as it unfolds.

Another new development is that Gabriella will become an audio book this year. I have received so many requests from people who have visited the website and listened to the recorded excerpts there, that I have decided to go back into the studio and read the story in its entirety. I am very excited about this and will let you know when it is available for purchase and downloading.

Finally, I have accepted the position of Creative Director at The Kripalu Centre here in Dorking. Kripalu USA is the largest yoga-teaching institute in the world and we, in England, are the European centre for Kripalu. I, personally, will be developing workshops and seminars that explore the links between creativity and well being, as well as facilitating the introduction of other teachers and creative people to our students, as well as the larger community. It’s going to be a great year.

I will be in touch more often, as this will be a great resource for me to process all these different pieces of my journey.


Summer 2008 events

Author Judy Malloy will be speaking at the following events this summer. Please visit the website for more information or to ask for times and directions. 

July 1, 2008
Guest at the American Women of Surrey’s Book Club in Oxshott, Surrey UK

August 10th, 2008
Guest speaker for the Wild Juicy Women of London.

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NoHo Arts Center Bookstore to carry Gabriella

NoHo Arts Center New Thoughts Bookstore in Los Angeles is the first independent bookstore in the US to carry Gabriella. You can visit their site at

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More stores add Gabriella to their shelves

We are thrilled that independent books stores throughout the world are embracing the book and adding it to their shelves, including the following new additions.

In the UK:

Rare Books and Berry, Somerset

The Olde Bookshop, London

John Booksellers LTD, Oxfordshire

Clapham Books, London

Country Cookshop, Derbyshire


Fishpond, New Zealand

Van Stockhum, The Hague, Holland

Books Unlimited, Dublin, Ireland

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Valentines for Gabriella

 Well, it has been 3 months since the launch of Gabriella in the US & the UK. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years have passed, Valentine’s day is only a week away, and Gabriella is receiving love letters. She really is. Notes and cards and emails are pouring in from readers, on both sides of the Atlantic, from readers who have been deeply touched by the book and want to tell me the experiences they have had. I am amazed by the generosity of their spirits. Firstly, that they have taken time, that most precious of commodities, to read Gabriella’s story and then, that men and women, boys and girls, from ages 10 to 85, would invest even more energy making a connection with me, is humbling. I am filled with gratitude. In so many ways this is a long season of celebration, of new beginnings, and an awakening of something within me that has long lain dormant. Thank you, all of you, for joining me on this most remarkable journey. 

More independent book stores now offering the Gabriella book

We’re pleased that news of Gabriella: A Mythical Tale of Love and Transformation is spreading throughout the UK. In addition to availability through Amazon in the US and the UK, these fine independent books stores now have the book available:
WH Smith
Express Books
The Book Pl@ce

In the United States, please purchase the book through Amazon US.
Click here to purchase Gabriella The Myth online in the U.S.

In the UK, the book is available through Amazon UK.
Click here to purchase Gabriella The Myth online in the UK.

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Book News for November

More good news about the book

  • In October, Gabriella was named “Book of the Week” by Kripalu: Center for Yoga and Healing in Stockbridge, Massachusetts.
  • The Fairport, NY Advanced Placement program in English has placed Gabriella is on its Suggested Reading List.


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December Events with Judy

December 6, 2007

Judy will be a guest with the Epsom Book Club as they read Gabriella.

This event is in Surrey, England. 

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November Events with Judy

November 15, 2007
6.30pm – 8.30pm
UK Book Launch for Gabriella
Inspirational talk and Book signing
De-Fined Art Gallery
128-130 High Street
[click here for directions]
01372 470-055

November 16, 2007
7.30 pm – 9.00 pm
Selected Readings from Gabriella
read by the Author
Kripalu Yoga Centre
The Warehouse,
21-37 South Street   [click here for directions]
Dorking, Surrey
01306 882-563

November 17, 2007
11.00 am – 3.00 pm
Meet the author of Gabriella
Waterstone’s Booksellers
54-60 South Street   [click here for directions]
Dorking, Surrey
01306 886-884

If you would like to invite Judy for a reading, please contact

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